Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy

    VTech Electronics Japan Inc. (VTech Japan) protects and controls the personal information provided by the user according to the following terms.

  • Privacy Policy

    In this agreement, personal information is defined as the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and other information we receive through our website which can identify an individual.

  • Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    This site receives personal information when the user registers personal information or offers the identification. This personal information shall only be used for the following purposes and shall not be used for other purposes without obtaining the consent of the user.
       1. Delivering mails informing events for customers, information about new products
       2. Response for customer’s inquiry
       3. Surveys to customers about new products planning and for improve services.
    In case of using personal information for another purposes, the user will be notified individually.

  • Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    This site does not disclose to third parties who are not under our supervision our customer’s personal information unless required by law or by the following reasons.
    We may entrust one part of affairs of web site operation to some other companies and personal information may be disclosed to this subcontractors.
    In this case, disclosed personal information will be limited only to the necessary information to provide services to the user and after the assignment, the personal information will not used and not possessed by this Subcontractors. In addition, we oblige this subcontractors to control completely personal information by the contract.

  • Disclosure, correction, suspension, delete of personal information

    This site will offer the user a way to meet user’s requirement through the registration screen or through e-mail when the user hopes, for some reason, to correct or delete the information already registered. If the disclosure, correction, suspension, delete of personal information is requested by e-mail, the user may be asked to provide documents necessary for identification.

  • Privacy Policy Changes

    We will be able to change at any time the Privacy Policy, we will announce on this website the notice and revised policy when we change it. We respect the personal information that the user provides to this site, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, in order to maintain a more rigorous information control, we always continue to audit and improve it.

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