VTech Electronic Learning Toys

  • 1. Global Electronic Learning Toys Supplier

    VTech is a leading global manufacturer of electronic learning toys. We supply products in English and many major languages. Children whose mother tongues are not English get a head start in the language through having fun playing our English language toys.

  • 2. Wide range of products

    Our products cover a wide spectrum of play styles and education values, for ages from birth to pre-teen, many incorporating cartoon characters best loved by children around the world.

  • 3. Development progress for children

    VTech understands children's needs and abilities change as they grow. With this in mind we develop our toys to teach and entertain at the right levels, appropriate for different age groups.

  • 4. Design for Safety and Quality

    Safety and quality are the highest priority for VTech learning toys. All VTech toys are designed for safe and long lasting playing fun for children. Every toy product is tested and certified in compliance to the safety standard of the destination country, e.g., ASTM in the US and EN71/CE in EU countries.

  • 5. Early Childhood Development Experts

    VTech brings the experts to you through our toys. We are supported by prominent early children development experts, who advise us throughout the development of our products.

Infant & Toddler Learning

From birth to 3 years old
Learning toys with fun

Preschool Learning

From 3 years old to pre-school
Learning toys for developmental progress

Grade School Learning

Kindergarten & grade school
Fun, reading and electronic learning aid

  • Online shopping for VTech Learning Toys

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